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TWO Ventures

is a developer of digital content services. TWO distinguishes itself with high quality content, inhouse technology and extensive experience in online marketing.

Further standards by which TWO measures its success:

Freemium vs Premium

All portals are both available as free to use and offer a premium section for extended content access.


All user progress is being rewarded by incentives to allow users to continuously enjoy the experience, and extend their time spent.

User retention

An inhouse developed marketing platform delivers a variety of notifications to keep the users engaged through email, sms and push messages.

Cross device

All content can be accessed from any device, both through web browsers and apps.

Product & Service


TWO Ventures specializes in two content verticals: Games and E-learning.


Casual games aimed at 30+ audiences. Various games to be launched include:
Trivia single player games
Trivia multiplayer games
Puzzle challenge games
Brain challenge games


Online learning concepts aimed at wellbeing services, these include:
Health improvements workshops
Personal development coaching
Streaming workout classes

Business to Business

TWO Ventures offers white label portals for companies. This includes:
Exclusive branding and design
Access to all produced content
Full service hosting and database management
Portal feature IT updates

Please send us an email to request for more information and pricing.

About the company

TWO Ventures is a start-up company with deep roots in the online marketing space, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is backed by experience in advertising, IT development and a vast network of online media partners. Currently a team of 10, looking for swift expansion in the near future.


TWO Ventures is always looking for new and experienced talent:
Content copywriters
Online video editors
Frontend developers

Please send us an email with your interest.


Please send us an email with your inquiry:

[email protected]

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